Credits and Academic transcripts


Students enrolled in Best Steps Abroad will receive between 12 to 17 credits in a Semester program. 6 credits in the Summer program.

Students will receive University academic credits for all the courses taken abroad with the exception to audit classes. BSA own courses will be graded on an A-F academic scale. On the contrary, regular courses at the University of Granada Modern Languages Center (CLM), uses the course numbering system for grading.

Beststepsabroad will provide an official transcript from the University of Granada-CLM and will suggest grade/credit conversions for Partnership programs. Some universities only accept transfer credit on a pass/fail scale, so we recommend you to check with your home university to see how BSA study abroad credits are processed and awarded.


BSA grade reports will automatically be mailed to study abroad offices at BSA Affiliate Universities at the conclusion of each semester. Transcrips are generated directly from the University of Granada and will be sent to the BSA office. BSA will send the transcrips to your study abroad office automatically.

In order for transcripts to be official they must be sent directly to the home university and not to the students’ personal address. If the students requests a transcript to be sent to their home address, they should request additional copies for an additional fee. If the students are from a non-affiliate university, official transcripts must be requested directly to BSA by the students’ academic advisor or the Study Abroad Office at their home Institution.

*If the students are studying abroad during the semester that plans to graduate, it is possible this process could delay the student’s graduation. They should then make sure to discuss options with their academic and study abroad advisors.

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