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Beststepsabroad codemns any way of discrimintation against students in any way. Nor do we discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, religious belief, nationality or ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. Therefore, all students have access to all aspects of the program without discrimination. By this, we mean accommodation with families, classes at the CLM, including collaborating institutions for volunteering, experiential learning and internships, among other examples.

The program is open to undergraduate students without no required level of Spanish proficiency. Having said this, you will still need to have a language evaluation completed prior to acceptance. Ultimately, students witht an overall grade average of 2.5, and with personal evidence of flexibility and ability to adapt to life abroad will have preference on this program.

Application process

You can start your application without any commitment, as a way to get to know the program before you make a final decission.

BSA application deadlines are:

  • Fall / Academic Year : 15 April
  • Spring: 15 September
  • Summer: 1 April

Please contact Beststepsabroad for program costs and payment policies. After acceptance to the program, you must submitt a deposit of 500€ so we can reserve a seat for you on the program.


Admission information form.

Please complete all the information required on this Application for admission.

Post-acceptance packet forms.

You will receive a packet with the forms you need to submitt and information to guide you how to complete them. These are some of the forms you will receive:

  • Conditions of Participation. All the information students should expect when studying with Best Steps Abroad.
  • Visa Application information. In collaboration with your home institution, you will receive more accurate information of what documents you need and contacts to apply for your visa. However, the Visa is mandatory for semester students only.
  • FBI Certificate of Criminal records. Those students who are going to take a course that involves working with minors, MUST request the FBI certificate of criminal records. For instance, the internship or experiential learning courses in Education or Health Institutions.
  • Student handbook. A guide that describes Granada program as completely as possible to facilitate your preparation and integration in Spain.
  • Housing Application. In order to place you with the host family that best suits your needs, we need to have some specific information about you. We suggest you to be as accurate as possible on your responses.
  • Academic Reference. We need you to contact 2 professors who know you well academically to complete an evaluation form for you each of them. This doesn´t necessary mean that in their classes you performance the best, but professors who see you the best.
  • Language Evaluation. We need to have an idea of your Spanish Language proficiency level. For instance, your Spanish Langugae professor could provide us that information. At the same time, it maybe be one of the professors who submitt a Faculty evaluation form for you. If you didn´t take Spanish Language at College, please, contact the Spanish Department at your institution for help.
  • Medical information forms. You will need to make an appointment to have the medical report and examintation forms completed. You will also wil have to complete information related to you in the Medical authorization and Health evaluation forms and if applicable, in the Mental Health form that includes also, an authorization paragraph for you to sign. Instructions will be provided.
  • Other forms and copies suchs as photocopy of your passport and health insurance, a scan head-shot photo, selection of the courses to study, policies and waivers, etc.


Money is also important and we know it is difficult to decide whether to go with a study abroad program or another. Contact us to tell you about our prices and what they include. And also contact your study abroad offices that will help you with your financial aid or scholarchips. In the meantime, check this post with tips to consider to facilitate your decissions.

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