Arab Baths

Arab Baths

Arab Baths or Hammam today are more recognized as spas in the city where you can have a very relaxing experience. And as true as it may be, considering we are in the beautiful city of Granada, it means culture, history, art…

El Bañuelo, from the 11th century, is one of the most ancient Arab Baths of Spain. This charming monument is in such a good condition that it is open for visitors. In fact, in our excursions to the Albaycin, we always make a stop here with our students. And yet, we will share on this spot our favorite city hammams so you can enjoy a nice massage.

El Bañuelo

Entering El Bañuelo is like traveling through time. It is so well preserved that it is easy to identify the different rooms inside. You can distinguish the place where they changed clothes, where they chatted. The cold water room, the hot water room, the one where they had massages. In short, it is a luxury within our reach.

The natural light that enters through its skylights compensates for the lack of original decoration of El Bañuelo. All this, in a word, makes this visit an unmissable experience.

Arab Baths in Granada

In Granada there are also Arab baths open to the public for use. The idea is to enjoy an experience similar to the one you can still have in Arab countries. You will find in them the pools for hot and cold water, a welcome cup of tea and the final massage with different oils if you wish. All this is common in any worthy Arab baths or hammam. What makes them different is the quality of their service, the amplitude and decoration of the place and of course the prices.

We want to stand out two of them that you can find downtown Granada. These are The Hammam Al-Andalus and Aljibe San Miguel.


The Arab heritage in Granada is not limited to the majestic Alhambra. Proof of this are the numerous Arab baths that exist in the city. We have mentioned the most relevant for us. El Bañuelo, for the good condition in which it is found. And those of Al-Andalus and Aljibe because they are the ones that most represent for us this historical legacy. But there are more and we invite you to come to this wonderful city to discover them.

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