Best Steps Abroad (BSA) came through during Covid-19 as a blog to inform students about study abroad in Spain. Our Director, Verónica, at that moment, had been working more than 20 years for an american Study Abroad program in Spain. As a consequence of the pandemia, the college she used to work for, closed down its Study Abroad department and programs abroad.

The fellow institutions that entrusted their students to her during those years, encouraged her to take a step forward. With BSA program, she pursues her passion of facilitating this study abroad experience to students.

After helping around 1.500 students to integrate and adapt to the culture of Granada and Spain, we can certainly say that we are not new on this field.

Verónica, our program director.

In addition, Best Steps Abroad works closely with the prestigious Center for Modern Languages of the University of Granada (CLM). Our students not only learn Spanish here. They are also enriched by the Spanish culture, activities and trips that the CLM itself offers. Moreover, our director has been a member of the Academic Comittee of the CLM since 2016. This committee serves as a liason in the communication between the representatives of CLM and of its US universities and program providers.

At Beststepsabroad, aware as we are of the importance of Education and getting to know other cultures, we want to help students maximize their experience abroad on an educational, artistic and social level. Therefore, we will facilitate in an agile and approachable way everything concerning their integration into the culture and customs of Granada.


And last but not least, we want to introduce you to Lola (formerly called Musa). A beautiful female mixed with labrador and boxer that some years ago, arrived to the program as a gift.

Verónica rescued her from a dog shelter, and the crush was immediate. As soon as she was able to come to the office, she became the program’s pet. Some students get very attached to her, and she is good for us for therapy. If she can, she will certainly participate in the program activities: hiking, cultural outings, meetings, lunches…

To summarize, with BSA we want to provide students with one of the best life experiences they could have. And through education, a basic principle of the human being and fundamental for the development of the person.

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