Best Steps Abroad (BSA) is a Spanish Language immersion program in the south of Spain, Granada. All students, regardless of their level of Spanish, age, and nationality, can spend an academic year, semester or summer term with us. Our experience in international education goes beyond 20 years, and we hope to continue at least 20 more.

Our goal is to facilitate students’ acquisition and reinforcement of Spanish language and culture while supporting them in their own personal journey during this experience. Through a rigorous academic education offered by the University of Granada’s Center for Modern Languages, and great opportunities for cultural immersion, we want the student to be a conscious participant of his or her own academic and personal growth.

Besides, BSA’s academic studies are accredited by the University of Granada CLM by means of an academic transcript.

The University of Granada CLM.

Best Steps Abroad collaborates closely with the prestigious Center for Modern Languages of the University of Granada (CLM). Our students not only learn Spanish here. They are also enriched by the Spanish culture, activities and trips that the CLM itself offers. Moreover, our director has been a member of the Academic Comittee of the CLM since 2016. This committee serves as a liason in the communication between the representatives of CLM and of its program providers.

Students enroll in specific programs depending on their Spanish level:

Students at the CLM

Our program director

Verónica García Montero is originally from the province of Cádiz but as many other students in Spain, she studied at the University of Granada. She has a Bachelors degree in English Philology and found her passion in Education. Afterwards, she spent some time in the US education system as Spanish Language Assistant professor. Finally, she returned to Granada and accepted the position of Program Director for an american institution that she lead for more than 20 years. As a consequence of the pandemia, the college closed down its Study Abroad department and programs abroad. Verónica then saw the opportunity to develop her own study abroad program. And this is how Best Steps Abroad was born, to pursue her passion of facilitating this study abroad experience but now to students regardless of their ages and nationalities.

She also has a Master of Arts in International cooperation and NGO from the University of Granada. This Master’s gave her the opportunity to travel to places she wouldn´t imagine. Israel and Palestine territories, Perú, Egypt during Arab spring, Morocco… She applies her own experience adapting and integrating in these cultures, in her meetings and intercultural sessions with students.

Her curiosity and interest in keep on learning, brought her to complete another Master´s degree in Marketing Online and Social Media Strategies, also from the University of Granada. Returning to the university after 20 years was a reality check and a learning experience for her.


Verónica and Lola

But her truly passion is Lola. Verónica rescued her from a dog shelter, and the crush was immediate. And soon, she became the program’s pet. Some students get very attached to her, and she is good for us for therapy. She arrived to the program as a gift!

At BSA, aware as we are of the importance of Education and getting to know other cultures, we want to help students maximize their experience abroad on an educational, artistic and social level. After helping around 1.500 students to integrate and adapt to the culture of Granada and Spain, we can certainly say that we are not new on this field. And we hope to continue providing students with one of the best life experiences they could have through Education. A basic principle of the human being and fundamental for a personal development.

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