Spring 2022

  • Welcome meeting: January 10th.
  • Orientation begins: January 11th.
  • Placement test: January 24th.
  • Classes start:
    • CILE program: February 2nd.
    • CEH, CLCE, IP programs: February 1st.
  • End of semester programs:
    • CILE program: May 25th.
    • CEH, CLCE, IP programs: May 26th.
  • Departure from Granada:
    • CILE program: May 26th.
    • CEH, CLCE, IP programs: May 27th.

Summer 2022

  • Welcome meeting: May 29th.
  • Orientation begins: May 30th.
  • Placement test: May 31st.
  • Classes start summer programs: June 1st.
  • End of summer programs: June 30th.
  • Departure from Granada: Jyly1st.

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