Cell phones and communication

BSA requests their students to have a spanish phone number. Many students bring their smart phones to contact their families back home, and use their connection to internet. Then, they buy a regular mobile phone in Granada and they provide the number to the program. In contrast, other students choose to make a duplicate SIM card to use the same phone.

In Spain there are a considerable number of phone companies operating today. The program provides information about the main companies and which are the most used by our students. In addition, we also provide information about the places where they can communicate in English.

The most popular telephone companies in Spain are: Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo, Jazztel. Among students, Orange and Yoigo are the most popular.

Students in the program usually communicate with their families in the USA through skype or face time. In this regard, students must inform their parents of the time difference. Granada’s time zone is UTC/GMT +2.

As for the mobile applications we use in Spain to communicate, we highlight Whatsapp. Whether it is sending messages or making video conferences. We recommend that students who do not use this application to start getting used to it if they are going to study in Granada.

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