How can I register for my classes?

Once BSA accepts your application to study abroad, you should start completing the forms on the Post-acceptance packet included in Application and Admission link. You will also start receiving detailed information for your time abroad and the Registration form is one of those pieces.

You should arrange an appointment with your academic advisor to talk about the courses you should take in Granada. Whether you should take one or another program according to your level of Spanish, or what courses in particular count for your major or minor requirements. Your advisor will be the best person to help you.

Your BSA resident director will start the registration of your courses when she receives your Registration form completed. She will register you in the CLM where you will have your classes.

A week after you arrive in Granada, you will have the option to modify the selection of your classes. You will work directly with our BSA resident director to make the possible changes.

Whether you need more accurate information of the process, internships, syllabus, etc, please contact us.

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