The following information refers to current Covid policies and guidance in Spain and specifically in Andalucía and Granada. It applies to Summer 2022 students participating in the Best Steps Abroad program. However, students should expect possible changes as the Covid evolves in the country and in the city.

Updated on April 28th, 2022.

Entering Spain

BSA program participants must be fully vaccinated to participate in the BSA program. And in order to enter Spain, they must provide the appropriate documentation and vaccination certificate. Please see the U.S. Embassy website for full details:

All passengers must also present upon arrival in Spain a QR code generated through the Spain Travel Health portal, obtained through the website. Testing is not required once on site and is not free of charge unless ordered by a doctor. 

However, travelers to Spain are not required quarantine unless specific circumstances upon arrival in Spain and directed by Spanish authorities. In these cases, quarantine is self-enforced and is monitored by health officials, host-family and the BSA Director.

What to expect on-site

Masks are not required by law yet recommended in all indoor public spaces in Granada.

Students should carry their own personal hydroalcoholic gel. Having said this, they may find dispensers at the entrance of all indoors spaces to use before entering the space. The alert level may continue to fluctuate as winter months and flu season approach.

Local transportation such as buses and trais operate as normal again and masks are not required. Taxis are equipped with hand sanitizers and protective screens in the majority of the cases. 

In case of need a medical appointment, there are different models: in person office hours, online consultation and over phone consultations. Please, contact BSA Director for medical appointments.


Housing arrangements with BSA are with home-stays family. Host families are requested to be vaccined in order to host our program students. They should provide an individual room for the student and have a spare full equipped bathroom.

Given the circumstances a student get Covid-19 infected, should contact immediately the Program Director. They should also inform those who have been closed to them. In that moment, the student will have to remain in the bedroom until health officials determine. Host families will provide meals that will deliver to the room.

Regarding classes

The CLM is currently offering in person classes following the protocols of the University of Granada. You can check updates on this link. If a student becomes ill or needs quarantine, the documentation for a health care profesional will allow accommodations by the professors for the students. The students should share this documenation with the BSA program Director that will request classes accommodations accordingly. This documentation shouldn’t include any protected personal data of the student.

BSA program activities and excursions will be mainly outdoors

Other resources

World Health Organization

European Center for Disease Prevention Control

US Embassy & Consulate

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