Will the credits abroad count for my major?

The academic offering of the CLM is very wide. Only the Spanish Language and Culture Program, taught at an intermediate level of Spanish, offers about 30 courses. But also the Hispanic Studies Program, which is for students with a more advanced level of Spanish, offers around 50 courses. You should contact your academic advisor to see which of these courses count for your major or minor.

Examples of Spanish Language courses are Grammar, Applied Linguistics, Translation… But there are also content classes such as Political System of the European Union, Economy and Business, Spanish History, etc. These courses may fulfill the non-Spanish Language credit requirements for students. In addition, within this wide range of courses there is an option to choose a foreign language. For example Italian, Arabic, sign language… etc. Or also, one of the options for the Internship Program. Moreover, if you are a student with a very advanced level of Spanish, you can take also a maximum of 2 classes at the University of Granada.

If you are not a student from a partner school, you should make sure that your university will transfer the credits you receive, from the Center of Modern Languages.

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