Custom Programs

BSA desings and delivers a wide range of custom programs mostly for our students. But also, for the interest of faculty who could consider facilitating an academic experience abroad for their class.

Faculty Led Program

BSA offers our facilities and expertise to faculty and administration to travel with their students for academic and cultural purposes to Granada. We could help with housing arrangements with families or in apartments, tickets and transportation. As well as with cultural activities, walks, conferences, and classrooms for meetings with students.

Time length will depend on the group possibilities according to the academic calendar. But we recommend our custom programs during Spring Break, January Term, and Summer time. Despite the fact that the FLP will be based in Granada, optional trips to cities nearby may enhance the students’ experience.

We offer the following fields, but we are open to suggestions to explore:

  • Spanish language and Culture
  • History
  • Art
  • Religion
  • Business
  • Biology
  • Global Health

If you request further information about fields of study and other questions related to this option, please, let us know.

Custom programs.

Sometimes, a regular semester or summer program doesn’t fit in the student needs. However, a designed custom program can fulfill this purpose. Wheteher it is a semester, short term, or internship program, we have the resources and experience to explore your possibilities. And because all needs are different, we invite you to contact us to know what they are and discuss your options.

Faculty Development program

This program is specific for faculty and study abroad administrators to facilitate their understanding of the students experiences in Granada with BSA. For this reason, faculty and administration may take an intensive Spanish course. They may have lectures of different aspects of the culture of Spain. They will also participate in cultural activities, and may live with host families as an option for accommodation. In conclussion, the purpose is that by navigating the city and walk in students’ shoes, they get to enjoy Granada as their students do.

Each institution is different and we are open to hear your suggestions to custom your Faculty Development program. For more information, please contact us

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