Diversity and non-discrimination in Granada.

More than a FAQ, this Diversity and non-discrimination in Granada title should be a post.

We do not discriminate against students in any way. Nor do we discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, religious belief, nationality or ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. Therefore, all students have access to all aspects of the program without discrimination. By this we mean accommodation with families, classes at the CLM, including collaborating institutions for volunteering, experiential learning and internships, among other examples.

The information that students share in their application facilitates the director to accommodate them better according to their needs. The more information she has, the better.

From the social point of view, Granada is an open, diverse and non-discriminatory city. The fact that it is a university city allows it to evolve and adapt to changes quickly. The national and foreign population that composes it stimulates solidarity and empathy towards the needs of all. In fact, our director covers aspects of diversity and non-discrimination in Granada and the program in her meetings. It is important for us, we are all different and we are all the same.

Furthermore, the University of Granada plays an important role in this regards with departments in areas of inclusion and diversity, or in equality, among others. Hence, the CLM where students receive their classes.

Having said all this, if any student has any questions, or would like to inquire about this particular issue, they can contact us.

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