Excursions and activities

Our excursions and cultural activities are in line with our purpose of facilitating the student’s cultural integration and knowledge of other cultures. Our studens will learn about Spain’s rich history, art and culture by travelling to other cities throught the program.

During the first weeks upon their arrival in Granada, the students will get to know the different historical districts of the city. They will walk through the historical city center or they will climb the steep streets of the Albaycin quarter. They will become familiar with the Realejo where they will take their classes.

Students will visit historical and artistics sites such as the monumental Alhambra. They will enjoy various activities that are directly linked to the culture and folklore of Granada and Spain. For example, a flamenco performance, a tasting of pure virgin olive oil. And if the Granada team allows, they will watch a soccer game with the best players on the scene.

In addition to this wide range of cultural activities that Granada offers, students will enjoy several excursions with us. Some examples are the city of Sevilla or Córdoba, or the stunning towns in the Mediterranean cost like Nerja and Almuñecar. Students will receive previous information of the site they will visit and main important monuments and locations. They will also have on-site information provided by expertise teachers and professionals in the field.

CLM activities

The CLM offers many cultural and outdoor activities that students could participate in with other international and local students. Activities such as ski in Sierra Nevada mountans, dive in the Mediterranean Sea.

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