How to choose the best Study Abroad program.

When the students include studying abroad as part of their curriculum, they are making an important decission. This decission may determine what institution these students are going to invest their money for 4 years. An important aspect of that institution should be their Study Abroad offerings. Whether it is their own study abroad programs or they use third providers to send their students abroad. A University or College that has a good Study Abroad department means that it really cares about its students’ Education. But for a student it is not always an easy decission to choose the best Study Abroad program. At BSA we are going to help you to decide.


The decission on how to choose the best Study Abroad program shouldn´t be based on money. Even though money is what most of our college students don´t have and it is the key for their education. The most important thing should be the academic component. A Study Abroad program should guarantee that the courses students are going to take, will fulfill their major requirements. And also the flexibility to transfer credits. So it is important to know what is the institution behind that Study Abroad program.

Extra-curricular activities

Another important aspect to consider for the decission to study abroad should be the other activities/courses students can do outside the academic focus. Does the program offer them? These activities could affect positively in the students resumé even though they may not get credits for them. A volunteer program, being part of a sport group, music band, etc. Many study abroad programs offer these extra curricular activities. However, the question for those students interested in them should be: Yes, but how they do it?. Is there any supervision by the study abroad program? Is it possible to get other students feedback? What resources the program offers to students on these regards? Etc, etc, etc.


Accommodation is a very important aspect for students when living abroad. Either at homefamily or dorms, it could affect positively or very negatively the students experience. It is for this reason, that students should understand what is their best option and why. What are the positive and negative aspects of both options, what is it for real included in the accommodation? What are the policies, your responsibilities and your rights?. You don´t want to get surprises when you are abroad.

A University or College that has a good Study Abroad department means that it really cares about its students’ Education.

Program Excursions and Activities

Students also want to have fun, and surely they will do it. And the study abroad program will provide fun activities and excursions for their students. However, not everything counts. A good study abroad program should give an academic and cultural sense to the trips and activities that offers. For example, a trip to Euro Disney with the students. It doesn’t make sense if the program takes place in a city like Granada with such a strong Muslim heritage. What are the activities and trips that the program offer and why? If the answer is “for fun”, check off that program from your list!.

Health and Security

Safety and security these days are an important aspect to consider. While no insurance covers any pandemia reptariationr or reimbursement, you still have to check what includes the insurance that your program abroad covers, if it does. Sometimes, it is your home institution who offers that to the students, some other times, it is the program abroad. Is it a suplement of your regular insurance or does it cover 100% of your needs? Does it make your life easier when you go abroad? Would you have to pay some amount of money as a suplement of your regular insurance?


At BSA, it is our committment to facilitate students with the Best Study Abroad experience. But it is also very important for us, that any student understands the importance of making the best decissions related to their Education. It is for this reason that we try to facilitate as much information as possible in our posts. Even though, these students may not end up studying with us in Granada, it is ok!. We want them to think, to be informed, to find out options to make their right decissions. Take a look at our website and check if we fulfill those expectations. Also, take a look at our partner institutions websites to check if what they offer to students is for fun or because they are in tune with us and they believe in High Education as we do!

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