Intensive Language and Culture program (CILYC)

Notice: While we believe that there will be more regularity in the development of classes by Summer 2022, due to the covid and the unevenness in the students’ application, the academic offer of the courses may be altered. Please contact us for confirmation of this offer.

45 hours courses

Spanish Language

Spanish and Latin American Literature
Spanish Literature, Micro-narrative & Modern Aesthetics
Latin American Literature, Micro-narrative & Modern Aesthetics

Geography, History and Art
Geography and History of Spain
General History and History of Art in Spain

Culture, Sociology and Economics
Spanish Civiliation & Culture and Islamic Culture in Spain
spanish and Latin American Civilization & Culture
Spanish Business Law and the Legal Stystem in Spain & EU Legal System

Internship program
Business ***
Health ***

22,5 hours courses

The diversity of the Spanish Language in the world
An Introduction to Business Spanish
English-Spanish Translation

Latin American Literature
Spanish Literature
Micro-narrative and Modern Aesthetics

Geography and History
Geography of Spain
History of Spain

History of Art in Spain

Culture, Sociology and Economics
Spanish Civilization and Culture
Islamic Culture in Spain
Latin American Civilization and Culture
Spanish Business Law *
The Legal System in Spain and the European Union *

Science and Technology
Renewable Energies

Internship program
Service learning and Community

* This course is taught the first 2 weeks of June
** This course is taught the last 2 weeks of June
*** To enroll in this course students must have completed at least level B2.2

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