Language exchange program- Intercambio

UGR – BSA Intercambio

BSA students in Granada participate in a Language Exchange program with UGR students. The purpose of this “Intercambio” is to facilitate the integration of BSA students into the city of Granada through the personal vision and experience of UGR students, to support cultural exchange between the parties.

This intercambio fosters a bridge between the groups whose origins do not necessarily lie in the US, Canada, and Spain. This way, the diverisity could enrich the experience even more. Students will improve the level of their respective language of learning in real context and in a very natural way.

Several activites will take place throughout the semester. Students will have the opportunity to get to know each other better and to strengthen ties that hopefully will lead to a long-lasting friendhship.

CLM “Face to Face” Intercambio

The Center for Modern Languages also offers their “Face to Face” Intercambio meetings monthly with other students in the school. Some of these meeting will take place in local cafes in Granada. Our students get to know spanish friends and places during their semester abroad.

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