Internship options

Students have many Internship options when study in Granada with BSA. They can participate in an Internship Program or to choose one of our Internship options as an elective course.

Internship Courses

Students registered in either CEH, CLCE or CILYC program, can choose an Internship course as part of the electives.

At the CLCE program, students should have at least an intermediate level of Spanish Language proficiency (B1.2). Thus, this is the level that applies to take the in the Internship course. Students can intern in either Educational Centers Internship, or in the Social Organizations Internship.

At the CEH program, students need to have at least a high-intermediate level of Spanish Language proficiency (B2.1 and above). Then, students will be able to participate in either Business Internship or Health Internship courses.

At the CILYC program, students may have at least an Intermediate level of Spanish Language proficiency (B1.1). This level of Spanish is enough to participate in the Volunteer Work Internship. In order to participate in the Business Internship option, the Spanish Language Proficiency level requestes in B2.1. And for the Health Internships option students needto have an advanced level of Spanish Language(B2.2).

Internship in Educational Institutions and Internships in Voluntary Work.

Those students with an intermediate level of Spanish Language proficiency (B1.2-B2.1), may participate in the Internship in Education and Social Work.

Educational Institutions

Student participation in the Internship Program in educational centers has a double objective: to learn how the Spanish educational institution works, benefiting from interaction with the teaching teams and the centre’s students, and the centers benefit from the collaboration and involvement of these interns in the classes taught in the corresponding foreign language.

Voluntary Work

The Program for Voluntary work is aimed at university students and professionals interested in widening their studies through voluntary work in collaboration with the NGO Solidarios. The participation of students in this program has a double objective: that these students learn how NGOs function in Spain and that the centers benefit from the volunteer work carried out by these students.

Internship in Business and Internships in Health Centers.

Those students that have at least a High-Intermediate level of Spanish proficiency (from B2.1), may participate in both Internship in Education and Volunteer Work. But they can also participate in the Internship in Business and in Health centers.


Student participation in the Business program are expected to develop strategies to successfully interact with native speakers in conflicts arising in the workplace, widen their knowledge of what elements and stages need to be considered when facing a job interview, reflect on which elements define the corporate culture of a multinational company, and all the areas that form part of it, reflect on the corporate world and the role of companies in society……..

Health Centers

The Internship Program in Health Centers is aimed at university students interested in furthering their studies through professional internships in health centers. Through this program, students will learn how the Spanish health system works and how Spanish health center works, benefiting from the interaction with health professional teams.

Internship Program

The Internship Program is designed for students who have a very close idea of their professional plans and have the required level of Spanish. This program is only offered during the semester or academic year term.

Students will combine the 120 hours of the Internship in Business and Educational Institutions with a Spanish Language course for 60 hours. For this program, studentscould receive 12sh/credits.

Students don´t need to select courses as they are fixed in the Internship program. They should also bring the certificates of Criminal Records and Sexual Offences by the FBI or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). It is a requirement by law in order to work with minors. Please, let us know if you have more questions about this section. We are here to help!

If you need more information about the Internship options, please, let us know.

*To participate in an Internship in “Educational Institutions”, “Health Centers” or “Social Work” with minors, it is essential to provide the “Criminal record and sexual offences certificate” by the FBI or RCMP and with the Hague Apostille.

Internship Summer Program

This program is designed to students who wish to participate in an Internship while improving their Spanish Language and can’t spend a semester abroad. During the Summer Program offered only in June, the internships available are in Business, Social Organizations and Health Centers. Students should have the specific level of Spanish that applies to the semester internship options above. They will also present the Criminal record and sexual offences certifiate with the Haghe Apostille.

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