What level of Spanish is required to study in Granada?

You do not need to have a specific level of Spanish to study in Granada with us. We had students in the past who came to the program with only one semester of Spanish in College and survived to the experience perfectly. They were able to communicate with their host families, follow their classes and receive good grades. Even they did a volunteering service for students with little low level of Spanish. They didn´t even have to speak any English, and they succeed.

Students with a very low level of Spanish have access to participate in the Intensive Spanish Program at the University of Granada Center of Modern Languages (CLM) This is the place where all our students receive their classes.

We also had students with intermediate and very advanced levels of Spanish. Likewise, they saw their Spanish improve being able to participate in a wider variety of internships and volunteer work. The offer of internships and volunteering is a big difference when choosing program courses. But the important thing when coming to study in Granada is the attitude. And frankly, attitude is not measured.

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