Program policies and student responsibilities

When a college accepts a student in its program, the student must accept the university policies regarding alcohol, drugs, plagiarism, etc. The student also receives information from the college concerning overall program and things to consider. However, once the student is in Granada, it is necessary to contextualize all this information. The director of the program will go through all the information in detail giving examples of each of the topics. The purpose of the director is to help students understand what his/her responsibilities are as a participant in the program.

The student who arrives in Granada has reached the age of majority in this country and is fully responsible for his/her actions. Furthermore, within the scope of the program, they will have to follow the guidelines set by their home institution. However, we do not interfere with what students do in their free time. On the contrary, we will supervise the student’s behavior in terms of the academic and program environment. For example, on accommodation or classes, internship programs. Even in the activities organized with the exchange students, trips, program excursions, etc.

We also want to make it clear that during the entire time the student is in the program, he or she will be able to go to the director whenever needed. Perhaps to talk about some topic of any kind or when the student has any doubts or questions.

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