Will I need to use public transportation to go to class?

To get to class and get around town, you won’t need public transportation very often. Students live about 20 minutes away from the CLM and they usually walk to school. If you decide to do a volunteer or internship at a location relatively far from the school or your home, then you will need to go by bus.

When you go out at night, you may have to take a taxi home occasionally. But that will depend on how much you go out and where you go.

Finally, if you’re going to travel to other cities, it’s best to take the bus to the Granada bus station. And if you are travelling by plane from Granada, it is best to take the airport bus . You can also share a taxi if you are travelling with other students.

Some students have never used public transportation when they arrive in Granada. Our program director shows them how to take a taxi or a bus during the first few days upon their arrival.

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