What are the requirements to do an Internship, volunteering or experiential learning?

Any participant in the program has the option to do a volunteering, experiential learning. The better level of Spanish you have, the more options you will have to choose from. This is due to the fact that there are associations that require the student to have a high level for the type of work you will be doing. For instance, working with seniors, or with immigrants you will have to have a high level of Spanish. Students with higher level of Spanish Language are eligible to do participate in an Internship.

Internship Program

Students with an intermediate or high level of Spanish can participate in our BSA internships programs or choose one of the course options at either Language and Culture program or Hispanic Studies program at the CLM.

The options are, internships in Educational Centers, in Health Centers, in Companies or in Social Work. Only students with a higher level of Spanish will be eligible for internships in Health Care Centres or in Companies.

In any case, when the work or volunteer center is a health or educational center or with minors, it will be essential to present the criminal record certificate.

Another internship option that we offer in the program is with the Royal Conservatory of Music of Granada. Our students must have an intermediate level of Spanish but a high level of knowledge and practice of an instrument.

Volunteering and Experiential learning.

The level of Spanish is important whether you are going to do an internship, a volunteering or an experiential learning but it is not the most important thing. Previous experience also counts, and how you present your resume and motivation letter.
But above all, attitude, willingness, and the ability to deal with difficult situations. These all characteristics make you a good candidate to participate in one of these options.

On the contrary, those students who have a low level of Spanish, their options are less but still exist. They will be able to work with adults with disabilities or in a childcare center.

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