Visa application

——-Due to the changing nature of visa regulations, please contact BSA  for the most updated visa information——-.

Spain has recently contracted with BLS to manage visa applications for study abroad.

Regardless of the means by which you will get your visa, this information applies to all. If you are going to study more than 90 days in Granada, you will need a visa. To apply for a visa you must have a valid passport for the duration of your stay abroad. If you are going to study for the full academic year, you will also need to obtain a background check from the Federal Bureau of Inverstigations (FBI) or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Some consulates allow state background checks (check with the consulate in your jurisdiction).

Please, visit the Spanish Embassy for details and notice that most Spanish consulates will request an appointment in person in order to apply for the student visa. The time it takes to get the visa can last at least 1 month so we recommend that you do not leave it until the end. Especially if you are also applying for the background check Certificate. In the following links you can check what are the consulates you should go on this list either in the US or Canada.

As long as we have a minimum of 5 students requesting this option, at BSA we offer a visa service for $100, to those students whose consulate is in Chicago to simplify getting your visa. More information in the acceptance packet.

Following, you can find the basic list of documents required for the visa application. You should check with your consulate for more accurate information.

> Visa application form. Fully completed and signed. 2 copies.

>Two recently taken photos. Both photos must be taken within the last three months and according to the visa photo requirements:

  • Two identical photos. Not older than six months.
  • Photo size: 35x45mm.
  • In color. No black and white
  • Head should take 70-80% of the photo.
  • Brightly colored background. Light grey is suggested. No patterns.
  • The applicant should be looking straight at the camera.
  • Neutral face expression. No smile and mouth closed.
  • Avoid uniforms or colors matching the background.

>Health insurance

>BSA and CLM certification letters (we will provide that information once student is approved at the program)

> A valid passport. Not older than 10 years and it should be valid for at least three more months beyond the date you plan to leave Schengen area.

>A copy of your flight itinerary.

> A copy of your driver’s license to verify your permanent address.

>Proof of financial means.

>Accommodation proof (This information will be included at the BSA certification letter)

>Money order for visa application. Check the website of your consulate for the correct amount of the fee that you have to pay. Remember thata if your application is denied, the fee may not be refunded.

  • At the time of receiving the visa, some consulates require that passports with processed visas be collected in person, others may allow them to be received by mail. If your passport and processed visa can be received in the mail, please use a U.S. or Canada Postal Service prepaid envelope to track your passport and visa and ensure that you receive it on time.

*You will receive more accurate information in the acceptance packet after being accepted.

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