Volunteering, Experiential learning, Research study

Opportunities abound in Granada for students to pursue an independent study, volunteering program or experiential learning.

Volunteering / Experiential learning.

One of the BSA goals is that our students integrate into the culture as fully as possible. Participating in a volunteer program or having a learning experience are very interesting options for the students to consider. Even for students with a very low level of Spanish skills, that can check a few of our options.

The benefits they bring are very diverse: meeting people, being part of a group, improving your Spanish language skills, developing social skills, collaborate with an organization outside your country, etc. Furthermore, it increases your resilience, empathy, humility, solidarity and fellowship. All these relevant qualities for your future professional career.

There are a a variety of options to participate in a voluteer or experiential learning. These are a few:

  • Soup kitchen
  • Association for the elderly
  • Physiotherapy
  • Daycare
  • Home for the physically and menatlly disabled
  • Immigration center
  • Conservatory of Music
  • Arts and sports

Research study

Under the supervision of their professor at their home university, students have the opportunity to develop a research project of their interest on the chosen topic. BSA will facilitate contacts with organizations and individuals, this way stucents can develope their work. Having said this, BSA director cannot supervise or give credit for the research project. Credit would be given by the home institution if approved.

The benefits are numerous and in line with the mentioned above: tolerance to obstacles, learning to work indpendently, self-esteem, clearer knowledge of the career path to choose after college, etc.

Areas of study are: Anthropology, Pshycology, Biology.

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