What do I have to do if I need to see a doctor?

Spain is known for its excellent health system, in fact, this was demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, there is also private healthcare of excellent quality.

In Granada there are several hospitals where you can be treated in case of need. Normally we recommend private hospitals for various reasons: they are usually less saturated, the invoicing is more agile, some of them have agreements with university programs.

If you need medical assistance, you can go to any of these centers with your passport, your medical insurance card and bank card. You would have to go to the emergency desk and ask for help. Also, a member of your host family or your program director may go with you if you need to.

Hospital La Inmaculada has an agreement with the Centre of Modern Languages for the Internship Program in Health Centres. It also has an agreement with BSA for the medical care of their students. Through this agreement, students in case of medical assistance, has personalized attention and in both, English and Spanish.

Once the medical visit is over, the Hospital will provide you with all the information to make the payment for the service. Look at this link to remember the payment method in health centres.

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