Why BSA?

It is recommended that you first read our post “How to choose the best Study Abroad program” to understand why we highlight what we do in BSA.

Our study abroad program includes 24/7 on site director, cultural activities and trips, tuition, orientation meetings, support for the visa process, health and safety protocols. But there are other reasons why we are a bit different.

Why BSA then?

  • Because we are closely collaborating with the University of Granada Center for Modern Languages. The CLM offers a wide range of courses including internships and other foreign language courses. They facilitate updated syllabus to students to check the best option for their majors. Maybe not now during covid times, but they guarantee that they offer all courses they publish in their website.
  • BSA offers students many different opportunities for volunteering and experiential learning. During the first week of the program, students visit the different sites and places to choose. Student facilitate feedback to the program director in their individual meetings they have during the semester. She also contacts the different sites to check they are facilitating the integration to our students.
  • Students live with homestay families that we supervise every semester. The program director visit every semester the families to check everything is ok for the student and the family. Students give feedback to the program in mid-term evaluations and at the end of the term.
  • Our students get part of a Language Exchange program (Intermcabio) with the University of Granada. Students from the UGR and BSA get to meet several times during the semester to talk and participate in activities. BSA students have a “local friend” to see places and get to know university student way of life.
  • BSA program facilitates counseling and information to students during the whole semester. We are aware that our students are different so they integrate this exciting adventure in different ways. Our study abroad director offers intercultural meetings to our students to facilitate the integration in a mindful way. Students will understand the cultural differences but also, they will understand themselves within the culture.
  • We offer a complementary insurance to our students. We need you to come with your own insurance, basically you need it for the visa and FBI certificate. But also, we know it is less complicated to deal with reimbursements and bills if you had a private insurance during the time you are in the program. We don´t want you to use it, but things happens!.
  • Language labs. Our students receive language assistance to help them in their classes. Every student has a different rythm when learning a language, and we know it. Students will have one hour lab per week and additional extra hours upon request. Fees included in the overall cost of the program. That helps too!.

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