The long time experience we have in accommodating students in Granada, confirms that their best option is to live with host families. That said, those who are studying full-year, may have the possibility of living in an independent housing during the second semester of the experience in Granada.

Home-stay family

All participants in the program will live in family homes. Families provide all meals, as well as laundry, full key set, and internet connection.

Housing with host families is a very important aspect of the program for the overall experience of the student in Granada. There are many benefits from living with members of the host culutre as observing the day-to-day activities of the Spanish people and to hear the language spoken continually in regular conversations.

A good family match is that one where the student feel they have found their home away from home, a place where students can form warm and genuine human relationships. However, this is not always the case. The same way we can’t guarantee to the host family that the student is neat, good mannered and respectful, we can’t do it with respect to the families. It is all about chemistry, flexibility and expectations of both parties that will affect the success of the relationship.

When filling the housing questionnaire, students should provide as much information as possible about hobbies, medical conditions, allergies, habits and expectations, in order to facilitate the BSA team to accommodate them as best as possible with a family.

Independent housing

There are a number of positive aspects to apartment living for students who enjoy having more independece – shopping and cooking for themselves, inviting guests, etc.

Those full-year students electing the option of independent housing in apartments second semester in Granada, should take into consideration that there will be some conditions in making arrangements. BSA among other things, expect students to live with no other US citizen in the same house. They are responsible to find their own apartment and lease under the supervision of the program director for approval. At BSA we expect also that they will be able to maintain self-discipline with regard to nutrition, sleep, study, etc, for a successful experience.

Although it is possible for full year students to select independent housing second semester, BSA will refund based on the amount per day paid to boarding houses and families and made by program director.

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